Friday, June 1, 2012

Blown Away

By what? No, by whom. Yep, by Him.

This week was tough. I had a final (or other important test) every day this week, sometimes two, and on top of that said good-bye to Caleb. I felt like God really had His hand over me though. I was sad, and sometimes stressed, but at the same time, I felt God's peace like a waterfall over me. I knew I wasn't alone.

Little things are incredible to me. God doesn't have to bless me at all, but he chooses to. It is so humbling. Even today in as little of a thing as grades in the two tests I wrote, He gave me a huge gift. I was so not expecting to do well on the tests, but He took care of them. And I knew it was Him, because 1. I had prayed for His covering over it, and 2. There was no way I could have done that in my own strength...I was at the end of my own strength.

God always surprises me. He really cares. He cares about us even at school, even when traveling, even through sweet notes from friends. He even cared about having a night out with my parents last night to celebrate the last day of school (we leave today to Prague, and on Sunday to the States). It was weird not having Caleb there, but it really marked the start of our new family "setting"-- me being the only kid at home. But it was special, in it's own way. I think this year will be good.

I had a little extra time this morning, because two of our classes were cancelled (also a blessing, because I got extra studying in), and this song came to my mind as I prepared for school. It captures God's love and closeness.

Audrey Assad: Sparrow (an old hymn that she made new)

Well, this is it. I'm done with my third year of high-school. One more left! Thank you God for being there for me this whole year. You're amazing.


  1. Very sweet blog post Claire. Now...time to get packed!! Can't believe we're leaving in a few hours! :)

  2. ......and then there was one!!!

    Cool that you get one year at home by yourself with your Mom and Dad where it's just you! I imagine it will seem very quiet at first.


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