Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Golden Arches

Last month, the closest McDonald's was about 40 minutes away.

Now we have our very own Golden Arches in Frydek Mistek, which is only 12 minutes away!
And just have to comment on that monster front of McD's??? Curious what it's doing there. 

For most of you Americans, McD's is probably just another fast food restaurant. It may not be the first one you choose (it wouldn't be my favorite if I lived in the States!). But here, we have limited choices for fast food chains.

Pretty much, in our area of Czech, we have KFC, McD's, some Asian fast food, and for some reason, lots of kebab stands. So a new McDonald's is a pretty big deal for us! And plus it has a fancy McCafe too... yep, I said fancy.

Most of the McDonald's restaurants in Czech have lately been remodeled. They are actually really nice places to be! It's kind of comforting to get a little taste of America every now an then.

My Mom has a particular fondness of McDonald's (not because the food is always the greatest, but you know, there is a charm to it now and then). Mainly, she has fun memories from a time in her life about it on her blog!

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  1. Hey Claire I know how u feall i wish there was 1 there when we were that would be great i hope u enjoe it


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