Saturday, January 7, 2012

Internet issues

I can't believe I actually can post right now. For the past couple of weeks we've been experiencing problems with our internet. This past week, it went off completely. Every once in a while we get a sudden burst of it, and it comes back on. Why is it having problems? We're not exactly sure.

Until it is stable, we'll see how much I can post.

Internet is one of those things that you never really realize you use a lot, until you lose it. So I'd like to thank the internet for a couple of things...maybe that'll get me on its good side again, and it'll decide to go off strike. Please internet, could you cooperate?

Here's what I like about you, Internet:
- You are always willing to help me with school work
- You are the quickest mailman ever
- You're always on top of the latest news
- You keep me connected with people I can't see face-to-face
- You are the biggest cookbook
- You give me inspiration for decorating, baking, writing, art...
- You're USUALLY reliable

Anyway, hoping to get one more post out before the internet goes back out. I feel like this is happening every day:


  1. That's hilarious...the picture, I mean! Great post...hope it helps get the internet back on...ha ha!

  2. @Connie I think my trick worked! The internet must've just been waiting for a little appreciation.


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