Thursday, January 19, 2012

Almost finished for now

I haven't disappeared. I have gone into a sort of cave though: A studying cave. Or at least it feels like that.

It's been a crazy busy time with finals and the finishing up of my first semester of 12th grade. These past two weeks I've been running nonstop. But it's coming to an end soon! Our "grade books" close next Wednesday... I can make it until then. I can. I will.

Until then, I'm trying to take in the little encouraging things along the way... through Instagram, as it's the easiest and fastest way to capture moments!

This mug is special, because Tyler works at Joe's Coffee Shop at Moody. He gave me this mug. But it's even more special because it is from the first line of official Joe's mugs! It makes me think of Tyler every time I drink tea out of it. 

And one more thing! It's Caleb's 19th birthday tomorrow!! Happy birthday 1 hour early Caleb!


  1. YAY!!! You'll be glad you posted...even though it meant taking a few minutes out of studying! ZSV final will be fine! :)

  2. Hey i hope you make it through the week you can do i know you can I love the mug hope you do great i know you will Love

    Grace Pitcher

  3. @Anonymous Thank you so much Grace! :) I made it through the week! I think most of my tests and things went well...but we'll still see!

  4. Y ay i am so glad you made it through now its my turn for all the test cause this week we have mid terms,my first time if you can do it i can to love you Grace


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