Monday, October 24, 2011

Dad-daughter date

My dad came home from a three week trip to the States on Wednesday...and you know what he wanted to do on the weekend? Spend time with me! It was a long time being a way from him, so I was so glad to get some time just the two of us!

He told me to think of something fun to do together, and I remembered this quaint horseback riding place up in the mountains that we'd been to a few years ago. It's a family owned business in the middle of pretty much nowhere...but still close enough to us that we can drive there in about 20 minutes.
This Czech family owns 6-7 mountain horses that they leave outside year-round, un-shoed, and they let all the horses live together. These horses are smaller and more wild in breed than your standard horse, but they are so sweet and calm!

There are some hunting trails up in the mountains that they take you on for as long as you want. So we got to ride through the mountains for an hour with the lady who owns the horses. It was such a sweet time with my dad, and so refreshing to be outside in the cool autumn air. According to the forecast, last Saturday may have been the last nice sunny day of Fall! Sad! But I'm so happy I spent it outside.

Dad and I then went out for a great lunch and chatted and caught up on stuff that had happened while he was gone. It was such a nice day. Thank you Dad for caring so much about me! Love you!


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