Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baseball in Trinec

Back in January, one of my close friends from school (Magda) asked me if I would help her out with a baseball retreat that would be in June. She was going to plan the whole thing, and use it as an outreach/ get-together event. I said yes back then, and on Friday, it finally came time for it to happen! 

Over 40 people came!

One of the planned "perks" were "surprise" (sorry for all the quotation marks) Americans who would come and be a part of this = Hayley, me, and our brothers. It was actually really nice going there and getting to be the "fun" Americans! It's not very often that I get to have that position, because usually I'm on the Czech team when it comes to planning events. I definitely have some Czech sides to my personality, but I have American sides too that don't come out as often! 
All four of us drove to Trinec on Friday afternoon. We had quite the adventure getting to Trinec (got lost on our way and accidentally drove into Slovakia- oops!), but we got there all right in the end! The guys helped out with baseball, while Hayley and I met some of the girls and got to know them a little better. Those girls are amazing! They were so sweet to us, and made us feel so welcome. I could totally feel God's love shining through their lives, and it made me so happy. 

Doing this baseball thing (even though I actually didn't play...hehe) made me realize even more that this is the kind of work that God has prepared for me. It gave me such joy to talk with the girls- about their hobbies, school, movies, but most of all, to share with them the love of God and how it has changed my life.

I pray that each girl there, and many more in the Czech republic (and in the world!), would feel God's love every day-- His true, unfailing, incredible love; one that will never leave them or disappoint them. 

There was a lot going against this retreat, and it almost didn't happen. It was a spiritual battle. Things weren't coming together. People weren't able to help. The space we were going to be in almost fell through. It looked like it was going to rain. But, it was God's plan for it to happen, and it did. And I think He used it to bless many people... including me! 

*And thank you Magda for everything you did to make this event happen. It would never have come together if it weren't for your vision, obedience and perseverance. I'm so glad that God put that idea into your head a couple of years ago, and that you never let that idea go. 

My dear friend Magda and me earlier this month


  1. Hi Claire!
    I must say that I like this post very much! It is interesting, entertaining but also inspiring and rewarding! I really like it! You're great in what you do! God bless you! Tereza

  2. @Tereza A. Hybšová You're so sweet Tereza! Thank you! That was very encouraging. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for being a faithful reader! :)

  3. @Claire Patty
    It's easy to be faithful reader, when your posts are great. Keep it up! :)


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