Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just like a fairytale

The light is fading.

The birds are singing.

A warm breeze is blowing.

Oh, how I love Spring evenings! What better time to go for a walk than this?

Take me with you?
Bird of paradise bud
There's no place like it
Shafts of light
Whisper of the leaves
Gateway to Pavlina
Going someplace?
Two worlds collide
Gone climbing.
Strawberries to be
New crop
Closing the day


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  2. Hi Claire! A few days ago I came across your blog and I only have one word for it: awesome! I'm so glad that on the world are people like you and me and other people who believe in God and follow him - with all their heart.
    I love all your posts. Even this is amazing! Beautiful pictures and you have a beautiful dog! And I love your recipes! They look very yummy! I'll follow your blog in the future. And I'm sorry if there are any errors in the text. I tried. :-)
    A little PS: I had to delete a previous comment (it was exactly the same like this one) because there was a huge mistake(even for me), that it really should not be there. Haha :-)


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