Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DIY Glass "Sippy Cup"

DIY= Do It Yourself

That's always fun! I've always loved DIY projects. To make something old into something new excites me. To make one thing into something totally different gives me joy. To be creative is fun! 

A few weeks ago, I came across this little DIY project and filed it away in my memory. I finally got around to it today (and it took only a couple of minutes!). 

Summer is just around the corner, and the temperatures are rising every day. It's important to give our bodies what they need to stay healthy and active: water. For most people (and I admit, for me too sometimes!) it's hard to get our 8-10 cups of water in a day. So, why not make drinking water more fun? Sippy cups don't only have to be for little kids, after all! 

DIY Glass Sippy Cup

You will need:
- a clean glass jar (a jam jar works, or you could buy a new one) including the lid
- a straw
- a screwdriver (or other small sharp-ish round object)
- a hammer
- scissors
- a lemon wedge and ice (optional)

Instructions (pretty easy, but I'll explain it in detail, just in case):
1. Unscrew the lid of your glass jar and place on a hard sturdy surface that won't dent if you hit it accidentally (no, that didn't happen to me! But that's something that would happen to me!)
2. Take your screwdriver or other small sharp round object and poke the end into the middle of the lid
3. Tap the screwdriver with the hammer until it pierces the lid all the way through, forming a small hole (it should be big enough for a straw to fit through)
4. Take your straw and cut off the end, so that it sticks out at the right height for you to drink at
5. Fill your jar with water, ice and a squeeze of lemon, then screw your lid back on tightly 
6. Insert your straw into the hole of the lid and voila! You've got yourself a fun cup to drink out of! 

Now try to stay hydrated and have a wonderful spring-y day!


  1. Very nice post Claire! You should do more of these DIY projects...you're good at them!

  2. This is great idea:)).


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