Saturday, May 21, 2011

Changes and brothers

Well, the time has come...I can officially move out of my wintery blog, and into my summery blog! I hope you like the new changes. Change is good, isn't it? I would way rather post on a blog that made me think of the lovely springy/summery outing with my brothers, than one that reminds me of cold winter.

This afternoon Caleb and Tyler asked me if I wanted to join them for a photography outing. Oh, how I love those! We always have so much fun together. We find joy in discovering new places, exploring the countryside, and being creative. I am so thankful for my brothers who have taught me to enjoy these moments and to find beauty in small things.

(All photos courtesy of Tyler Patty)


  1. LOVE!!!! So fun to see those photos!!

  2. Claire LOVE the new blog background and the pictures like I said on facebook! :)

  3. WoW!! :) It is amazing.. I like it.. much :))


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