Monday, March 21, 2011

JV Ladies Retreat- A First

You're probably thinking... isn't a ladies retreat for missionary women, not missionary kids? Well, yes. But I kind of "cheated the system" and got to go as a babysitter for the week! What a privilege and joy to get to serve some of the most loving, brave and beautiful women I know.

Me and Laurel Jackson (my dear JVK friend in Slovenia) watched four babies, all under 7 months, during the teaching sessions. With nap schedules and eating schedules, only once did we have all four babies at once, so it was fine! I had so much fun getting to know each baby's personalities... it's amazing how unique each baby can be even at such a young age.

Not only did I watch babies throughout the week, but I also had the job of taking pictures (which, if you know me, I love!). Whenever I could, I snapped pictures, trying to capture the feel and "culture" of a JV Women's retreat. Since there is no way to describe how wonderful that "culture" is, let me share some pictures with you.
Come on in and join us...
We got to stay in a renovated Polish palace. I felt like a princess all week...and I was the baby-sitter! :)
The dining room was my favorite...what a special place to talk, eat good food, and sip a nice cup of tea.
It was so fun watching my mom and Aunt Amy do what they do best- minister to women. They've been planning conferences for so many years together, and now I finally got to see them in action! Here they're running a game for the women.
Answering fun questions and sharing their hearts. What fun for us women! :)
One of the babies I watched last week- Benjamin Saar. Such a sweetie! He got all bundled up for an outing to a special town...
Boleslawiec- the home of polish pottery!! JV Women love polish pottery, so we spent a whole afternoon pottery shopping. It was fun shopping with my mom too. 
If you don't know polish pottery, it's time to learn about it! It's so beautiful, artistic, individual and special. 
Isn't it beautiful?
Laurel was such an encouragement and help in baby-sitting! I only see her twice a year, so it was a perk to be with her all week!
All the sweet JV Women! I love them! It was a blessing to get to spend some extra time with them, not to mention, baby-sit their kids!

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  1. It was SOOOO wonderful having you there with us! Thank you for loving on and caring for Benjamin, Maia, Jackson and Liam so well. You're going to be a great mom someday! And thanks for serving us by taking did an awesome job at that! You are a wonderful daughter!


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