Sunday, April 25, 2010


It's been a week since the volcano in Island (Eyjafjallajokull :D) erupted. I remember reading about how because of it, hundreds of flights were cancelled and thousands of people were stuck in airports and foreign countries. My mom was one of those people! She left to the States for a 10 day trip, and is getting home today...after 17 days!! Her flight got delayed a week because of the volcano!

This volcano makes me realize just HOW powerful our God is and how His plans are perfect. He took care of everyone during all the confusion! The eruption was terrifying, but also beautiful. Is that how people like Moses felt when God spoke to them? I guess that's what "fearing God" means. He's like the volcano. Terrifying, yet also so so beautiful.

When I fear God it means respecting that He is powerful and mighty, but also not being so afraid that I miss out on His beauty!

I found these couple of pictures that show me just how mighty God is and how amazing his creation is! (Not to mention how small Man is!)

God has taken such good care of our family while my mom was gone. Thank you to everyone who helped and for all the prayers!


  1. Awesome post Claire! I actually thought the same thing with this volcano. It showed me how in one event God has the power to change what everyone around the world does. Here we all think we're so evolved and advanced and technologically saavy (well, I don't fit for that one since I'm VERY technically challenged! But I'm talking about the world in general..ha!)...

    and then in one swoop God changes things around the globe. I love knowing that this same powerful God is available for a personal relationship with us. Pretty amazing!

    Thank you for highlighting this today for me. I feel like you were my devotional for today!

    Love you, Michelle

  2. wow! you said you liked comments so thats the only thing i could think of

  3. So true Claire!! The beauty of our walk with Christ is just like that. Walking each step in the fear of God, in awe of His mighty power and taking in His beautiful love. AMAZING!!

    So glad your mom was able to get home! I am sure you both were really ready for that :)

    Love you lots girl and keep the faith and press on! Praying for you!

  4. Thank you Claire for reminding us of the power of God! Thank you also for allowing your Mom to come to the states and speak at the Women's retreat for Grace Church. She was/is awesome! (Well, I know that you know that already!!)
    I am so glad she is back home with you all!

  5. Wow Claire! That is so true! We serve a terrifying, awesome, beautiful God that loves each one of us for who we are and who created every thing that we see (and don't see :D)!


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