Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Summer

It's not an understatement, when I say that I had an eventful August. Here are just a few highlights of what I did!
- Vacation: Of course, vacationing in Hvar, Croatia is one of the pinnacles of my year. It is a time of relaxation, swimming, spending time with three awesome families, yummy dinners (yes, even while camping we have excellent food! The moms do a good job!), movie nights, and great talks with friends!
-Tyler leaving for college: wow...weird. I can't believe he already left and is already there, at Moody. It was a sweet good bye and very memorable as we went by boat to Split and then he flew out of there! He is missed greatly, but I am really happy that he is doing well there and that he's adjusting well. :) Miss you though, Tyler!
-JVK Camp: Awesome. I love it. I had some great talks with my counselor (Emily Hughes) and with Laurel during "application time"- where we applied the "Stories of God" (the theme of the teachings) to our life. Emily did a great job just knowing what us girls- me and laurel's needs were and she really invested in us. Which I really appreciated! It was very encouraging! Thank you, Emily!! ;)

Now it's September, and I've already got new highlights!
- The Elements Bible study material is being used in our youth group right now as a discipling material and we're doing this course for the new Christians where we go through all the lessons. We had our first youth group a little bit ago and it makes me excited for the next one! I love seeing how God works in our youth group and seeing the fruit of his work in the lives of those new Christians is totally a reward for everyone who worked hard not only at English Camp, but at follow-ups and in the lives of the Czechs. It's a reward for me too!!

-BMA- I love it! It's a great change from my old school and I am so excited for the next four years there! Our class is really good, and I've made many friends already. The teachers there are pretty good too... and the ones that aren't well, it's fun, because it brings the school together as we share experiences about each of the teachers and give advice on how to get through the classes. :) So in the end, it's fun. But really, there aren't any teachers that are outright MEAN, or horrible, so it's good. :)

-"Adaptak"- it's a two day trip up to Malenovice, to KAM hotel for a weekend with our new class. It's a bonding time, time to get to know each other. We played games, had a campfire, a movie night, discussion time about what we believed in and what our faith is. We had so much fun together! I actually enjoyed (for once) being with my class! :) Yay!

Things to come:
-My 15th birthday is on October 8th! :)

-On Friday I have a Bible study like thing/party with the Christian girls from BMA, my town, and a couple of other random places. :) And it's gonna be a time for us (who give our time and energy to others) to get re energized and replenished spiritually and emotionally. So I'm excited for that!

-A trip to the States in October for our home church's (Grace church of DuPage) 25th anniversary. They're bringing back their missionaries for the celebration. We'll be gone for a little less than 2 weeks, so it's not a long trip!

I'm sure there is a lot more to come in these next couple of weeks, but those are just a few of the biggies! :)


  1. Claire, I loved reading about your life and seeing pics! Glad you are liking BMA and making good friends! Wish Grace Church was in Portland! =) Love you!

  2. Hey Claire....

    I can't believe that you're almost 15!!! If you lived in the States you would get to get your driving permit. When do you get to drive in Czech?

    It's fun to hear what you've been up to the last few months! I'm so glad you've had a blast doing so many amazing things!!! I also can only imagine how strange it must feel to have Tyler gone but I'm so happy you'll get to see his place at Moody here soon enough!

    Loves, Michelle

  3. What a great blog post! You need to blog more often...you're good at it! :)

  4. Claire, it was fun reading about your summer and hearing things that I haven't heard yet...even though there aren't very many :D. So happy that you love BMA!


    P.S. We need to talk some time soon!

  5. Good to hear about your life from your perspective. Sounds like you're growing and learning lots, and that you're in a great place. Love to hear that! Good to hear about the youth group, too. Glad to hear that God is working.
    Say hi to your family for me!

  6. lOops! I forgot to sign my comment. The anonymous one was from me, since I don't have a google account.
    Ken Pitcher


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