Saturday, November 22, 2008

A qick trip to Chicago!

My time in the States was great! My brothers, my mom and I flew in to Chicago on Wednesday and stayed at the JV house (the Geneva house) while we were in the U.S. Then, Thursday evening, we went to the JV vision night! It was so cool!!! My Dad and all the other people who came up front did a great job. If I weren't already a missionary kid, I'd totally want to come out here. God is working in powerful ways in Eastern Europe!

Friday, was our SHOPPING day! We went to Old Navy, TJ Max, JC Penney's etc. My favorite things I got that day is a really nice blue coat at Old Navy, some pink Converse shoes (Tyler's idea! Thanks Tyler!) and a pretty scarf. It's so much fun shopping in the States, there are so many stores to choose from! :)

Saturday, was our family day. We drove downtown Chicago to the Museum of Science and Industry and were there for a while. We got to see how a whole bunch of things work, we saw some of the first airplanes built, a mini fairy castle and beautiful Christmas decorations in the main hall! Our family really enjoyed each other's company since we hadn't been all together in 4 weeks!

Sunday, we went to Grace church and did more shopping, and then Monday, we left! So it was a VERY short trip! But I am SO glad that I could go, and I feel very blessed! Thanks God, I had a WONDERFUL trip!


  1. Your mom said she almost can't believe she was even in the States at all since it all went so fast! That's crazy!! I'm so glad you guys had a fun and awesome time here.

    By the way, I LOVE the happy picture of you on the blog below this one.

    Love ya, Michelle

  2. I'm so glad you got to go to the states but especially to the 2 x 3 campaign! Isn't it great to really be excited about what God is doing and the life he's called us to? and btw I want to see those pink shoes when we come for thanksgiving in 3 DAYS! Yippee
    Aunt K

  3. OMG! I LOVE CONVERSE!!! i'm so proud of you for getting some pink ones =)lol...and you look really cute in theat pic with your mom =)


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