Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My 14th birthday!

On October 8th I celebrated my 14th birthday!

On Wednesday, the eighth, I celebrated my birthday with Lucy, Grace and Lisa in the aftern
oon by taking some fun fall pictures, drinking tea together, and just hanging out. I really love those friends, they're awesome!

Then in the evening, I had a small birthday party just with my family. I had Shepherd's pie for dinner, and Key Lime pie for dessert, YUM! Some of the presents I got included, a Bible, Crocs, a Starbucks thermos, clothes and books.

I also took some birthday/fall pictures with Caleb and Tyler too. Then on Saturday, I had Hayley over for the night to celeb
rate my birthday, and I took some pictures with her too. So it was a picture taking birthday this year! :)

I feel very good now as a fourteen year old. I don't feel much older though than I did on the 7th of October, but I feel a lot older than my last birthday, when I turned 13. I have changed my style of clothes a bit, changed my hair, gotten taller and am now in ninth grade.

Here are some of the big things that have happened since my last birthday:

-I got braces
-I went to the States for Christmas and in the Summer

-Caleb was sick and him and mom had to be in America for a while, while Dad, Tyler
and I were at home
-We went on vacation to Hvar, Croatia

-I am in ninth grade, the last year of "Zakladni Skola" (Primary school)
-I went
to Venice for the first time last February

So as you can see, I have had a busy year! I hope the next year is just as good, if not better than the last.


  1. Alright, an update!!! Yeah!
    Sounds like last year was quite the adventurous year with all of your travels. Any chance you will make it to Oregon again this year?

  2. Oh I love the pictures! Missing you,
    Aunti K

  3. And now you're going to be 21???? Oh my! Where did time go??!! Glad we get to celebrate with you this year!!


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