Monday, October 27, 2008

The lost "pamatnik"!

Here in Czech, there are these things called "pamatnik", that are popular with littler kids in elementary school. They are books (kinda like notebooks) with empty pages, which then are filled with drawings from people you know, friends, family, teachers etc.

Well, when I was in third and fourth grade, I had a pamatnik. A pretty cool one, I might add, and it was FILLED with drawings from other people that I was very proud of. I had everyone draw in it for me, and that pamatnik was my treasure. But, one day I gave it to a certain person to draw in it...and I never saw it again...until now.

I had given it to Becca M. three years ago to draw something in it. She then forgot about it and put it in a pile of books and other things. Meanwhile, I had no idea where it had gone, 'cause I couldn't remember who I had given it to. For those three years, I looked for it, but never found it and then just forgot about it as well.

Then, on my birthday, I went to see Becca, and we had an "art day". That was the day I was reunited with my pamatnik. She brought it down from her room laughing, about how she had had it for so long and STILL hadn't drawn anything in it. She said she found it while cleaning out her room. I got to look at all the old pictures my friends drew, it was a special moment for me. :)

So, after three years of being seperated from my pamatnik, I now have it back, WITH a drawing for Becca, and I will treasure it for long times to come. And that's the end of the story of "The Lost Pamatnik!"


  1. Wow....that little book has been waiting to get back to you, and finally the two of you are reunited after 3 long years! I love that story! I'll have to draw in it next time I see you!!!

    I'm glad you got to have a fun day with Becca. She sure has been a fun friend and leader for you all these years. I'm sure God has someone up His sleeve who will take over the JV kids area when she leaves. But thank the Lord for her these past 7 years, right?

    Love you lots, Michelle

  2. omg, i totally had that EXACT same pamatnik, just with a different kind of cat!! haha...i have three actually...and, yeah, they're so much fun to look over and remember =)

  3. This totally makes me laugh! I was excited to read about the art that Becca drew in it and then to read that she hadn't drawn anything!! Classic!

    Can't wait to see you at Conference!


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