Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rainy ("floody") day!

Yesterday, we had one of the biggest rain storms I have ever seen in Czech. The water was flooding our back yard and it just kept coming and coming!

Since a pictures worth a thousand words...I'll let you see for yourselves how much water we had.

Just kidding! But we did have a lot! Here's some more pictures. Look, it's up to my ankles!

We even got a little rainbow, do you see it in this picture?


  1. We were sitting in a garden in a cajovna yesterday during the rain. It was crazy!

    I'm really looking forward to hanging out in Croatia!

  2. Claire, you funny girl you! I totally was believing you in the first picture, thinking that you really were knee deep in water!!! It is crazy that you would have such a huge rain storm right in the middle of summer, eh?

    I know you're getting ready for vacation this next week.

    Love you lots, Michelle

  3. Ha! You tricky...that was a GREAT idea!

  4. Hi Claire!
    I knew that that first picture was not true. Because of 2 reason's, reason 1: it would have flooded you're living room (about 1 inch), and reason 2:we did not have so much rain. It was freaky to have so much rain, we hade to put the cover over the tabel outside and we were just soaked! hey i have to go eat lunch.
    N.P. out!


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