Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Gull lake camp

We drove from Chicago to Gull lake, Michigan (a four hour drive), and arrived Saturday evening at Gull lake ministries family camp.

At this camp there were so many things to do, and all free of charge! There's swimming in the lake, jet skiing, inner tubing, rock climbing, zip lining and more! I had lots of fun doing all of those things but I also enjoyed the children's program called High Tide.

High Tide is a group of kids from 12-17. We play games together, have Bible studies and learn more about how to live a life like Jesus. I made some really good friends in High tide. Girls my age were in a small group and I love each and every one of those girls. But I especially connected with girls named Danielle and Ashton. They are both really great girls and I hope we'll stay in touch!

We went to this camp because my dad was invited to speak on the book of Ephesians there. Everyone said he did great(I was in my program during his teachings), and guess what?! He got invited to come again in 2010! It would be AWESOME to go there again!(The view out to Gull lake)

I think that throughout that week, our whole family enjoyed themselves, and we made some really good friends. I can hardly wait to come again in two years!These are my new friends from camp!


  1. Hi Claire...

    It's so fun to see the pictures from your time at Gull Lake. It sounds like you made some forever friends there. I hope you're still having lots of fun during your time in the States.

    Love you, Michelle

  2. Fun update, Claire! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!



  3. just kidding =)

    Gull Lake was fun! can't wait for the rest of you to be back home with us!


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