Monday, June 2, 2008

Anetka & Kaca's Birthday!

On Saturday, I went to my first czech birthday sleepover!

 It was so so much fun! The girls (Klara, Kaca, Anetka-all Czech's and Lucy-American) are all from my church and are just some of my favorite people. They are really fun, talkative and all around happy girls. Anetka and Kaca were celebrating their 16th birthdays, and they invited me! I was so excited, because this was going to be my first sleepover at a Czech's house!
Lucy and I got to Anetka's house at around four and then from then on, we never stopped laughing and having fun. We ate food, played games, talked...ate more food! (there was a LOT of food :)We gave our presents to them and celebrated with a cake. Then I slept the night along with everyone else, which was also fun...we were awake 'til 2 in the morning!

I'm so glad that they invited me and that I got to know them better. And to Anetka and Kaca....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Going from me to the right:

Claire, Klara(in the red), Anetka, Lucy and Kaca( In the orange)


  1. How cool to be at your first Czech sleepover! Isn't it fun to stay up until 2 a.m. and laugh, eat, tell stories, etc., etc! Of course when I was your age we called them slumber parties and talked lots about boys....but you probably didn't do that at all, right? (tee-hee!).

    Your picture of all of you laying down on the grass is so cute!

    Love ya, Michelle

  2. That was so fun! I'm so glad I got to have my first "czech sleepover" with you!


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