Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My first piano recital and other happenings.

On Tuesday, the 16th of April, I had my first piano recital at the music school!

I have been learning piano since around October and yesterday was my first real recital! I was so excited and nervous, but in the end it turned out pretty good. I didn't embarrass myself or anything, so that was good.

My mom and Caleb flew to the States today. Caleb has been having really severe pain in his stomach (intestines) and the doctors here in Czech didn't know what to do, so my mom and dad made the decision that they should fly back to the States. But it was really sudden, (I found out for the first time yesterday), because Caleb needed the help as soon as possible.

While mom and Caleb are gone, my dad will be taking care of Tyler and I, and a bunch of friends will be helping out with dinner and things like that. Thanks to those who are helping! It really makes a big difference and will make this whole process much more bearable!

Please pray for Caleb and my mom as they go visit the hospital in Portland!


  1. Claire
    Way to go on your first recital! You looked great and I'm sure you did great as well. I know how nervous you feel before you have to get up on stage. Way to handle nerves and play your song.

    We're looking forward to feeding you and keeping in touch with you while your Mom & Caleb are in the states. I was able to feed the boys and love on them when your Mom was in the states with you - so this will be your turn!

    Andrea Pitcher

  2. Claire!
    Wish I could have heard your recital. You'll have to play your piece for me when I come before conference. We'll come early with uncle Josh like usual so I plan to come and see you at your place with the kids. Maybe we can grocery shop and get some laundry done together! Aunti K

  3. Hey there sweetie girl!

    I am SO glad I was there for your recital. You did such a great job at it and I love that song - I think I'll always remember it!

    Caleb played his Flip video of the recital for Michelle today. She said, "WOW! She's good! But that doesn't surprise me!"

    Keep practicing even while I am gone. I can't wait to hear you when I get back home.

    Love you!! Mom


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