Thursday, March 6, 2008


Yes, it's true, I have braces! Today, March 6th, 2008 I took the big trip to the orthodontist's office.

She put this weird rubber thing in my mouth, to hold it open, and then got straight to work! Sometimes it hurt, but mainly it was only from the pressure she would put on my teeth so that the glue would hold. The whole process took only about an hour. By the end, my mouth hurt a bit, but it wasn't so bad.

But about two hours later, it started really hurting. Right now I feel like there is not enough room in my mouth for my braces! Some of the wires are poking me so it feels like they are pushing out of my mouth. :o)'s the before and after picture!

Can you see them? Here's another one:


  1. YAY! You're officially a "brace face" now! I'm so glad we could talk on the phone on your way to get your braces on. They look cute on you!! :o) It looks like you did pick blue rubber that right? And did you have some ice cream yet to feel better?

    Love ya, Michelle

  2. You are so adorable!

    Sorry it's kind of sore right'll feel better soon! Ice cream???

    Love, Mom

  3. Hope your mouth is feeling better. Just keep thinking ahead to the final result! Do you miss any favorite food?

    With love,
    Mrs. Kerns

  4. I think you look great! I hope they are feeling a little better. I remember that feeling. I saw everyone is saying ice cream makes you feel better but I always liked something warm. Sounds weird but I still like pudding that you cook and eating it while it's still a bit warm feels good! Aunti K

  5. Claire
    Sorry I didn't get an up close inspection on Sunday since you had to leave early. I'll admire it soon enough - but it looks great in your photos.

    Have a favorite milk shake recipe for those days when your braces get tightened and crunchy food sounds painful?

    Andrea Pitcher


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