Friday, January 25, 2008

Mom and Dad gone to the States!

Yes, it's true, my mom and dad are BACK in the states. But this time, it's for ministry reasons, and we didn't get to go. Although, i don't know if I'd really have wanted to go anyway!!

Dad left on monday, and mom left on Wedensday. This week our good friend Katka is staying with us. It's really cool, because Katka used to babysit us when we were still living in Havirov! (I lived there until I was six...I think.)

Next week, the wonderful Becca McMartin is going to stay with us. Another cool story. When I was really sick and had to leave last minute for Doctor's care in the States, Becca agreed to stay with the boys while we were gone, even though she didn't know how long it would be until we came back...ends up we didn't come back until a month later!! Becca really saved us in that time, it was really good for me to go visit the doctors in America. They found out exactly WHAT was wrong with me. (I was allergic to the mold in our house...REALLY allergic, I got high fevers and lost strength in my body)

So, I am really glad that I can have both of them stay with us in these days when my parents are gone. Thanks to the both of you for being willing to do that for us!!!


  1. =) Funny to remember the old days, huh! I'm looking forward to being with you!!

  2. That was such a wonderful update Claire! I love Becca and Katka too and am so thankful for them time and time again. Give them both big hugs for me!

    Love, mom (in Chicago...brrrrr!)

  3. Hey there girlfriend....

    It's fun to have two updates in one week! And it's so cool that you not only have two great people who can stay with you when your parents are gone, but it's doubly amazing that you are now at such a mature place that you are okay when your parents leave! Isn't that awesome growth to celebrate in your life?! I think it is!

    Hey, here's an idea! How about throwing yourself a "maturity party" and have fun celebrating how much growth Jesus has done in your life. I guess you could also call it a "non-anxiety party" or maybe even better would be to call it a "Jesus has done miracles in me party!" Well, you get the idea! You know me, Miss Seal (and Lion, right?), always looking for a reason to have YET another party because there's always something to celebrate!

    Love you, Michelle

  4. you know what they say, "When the cats are away...the mice will play". Have fun playing while your parents are gone!!!!


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