Thursday, December 27, 2007

Here's some more pictures!

Getting a hot chocolate at Starbucks! I'm not a big fan of coffee... :o)
Christmas finally came!

Look at our beautiful Christmas tree!
Opening presents!

Here's all of us eating a scrumptious Christmas dinner...well, actually, lunch!

So, the conclusion is...we've had an AWESOME time here!


  1. Claire, hi :) So fun to see pictures. I can see that you've been shopping and got some new clothes! Great...that's always fun right? You look great in those pictures....really tall, by the way! I'm glad you had a fun Christmas. Happy New Year. See you soon, friend. Katka

  2. Hey Claire! It's fun to look at the pictures on your blog and see how much you've changed even in this short time of being away! We miss you bunches and Hay an I are enjoying looking at you in your new FUN clothes! Great job at picking them out...!!!
    I heard that you also got a camera for Christmas...looking at the picture, I think we got the same one! haha...can't wait to see the amazing pictures you take with it!
    How awesome that you got your ears pierced! Earings are always fun accessories!
    I miss you and can't wait to see you!


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