Sunday, September 30, 2007

Exit 316 casting!

This Saturday we had the casting for one of the main roles in Exit 316. Because my dad works on the team, I got to watch all of the auditions, which was so, so fun!

My mom and I came about half-way through the auditions on Saturday and then all day today. We sat in the back and watched as girl after girl auditioned. It was always the same things: 1. Talk for a minute about themselves. 2. Do a monologue (one person talking) specially written for the auditions. 3. Talk to one of the guys (an actor in Exit 316), who helped us get to know them better.

But even though it was all the same, each one played it differently; and that's what made it fun. Some people wore a long skirt; others a hat or a scarf, but they all looked different.

Altogether there were three rounds. Each had narrowed down to a certain amount of girls and each had different tasks. About forty Christian girls tried out from all over the country, then they narrowed it down to nine.

In the end it came down to four girls and then down to one. I think they chose the right person for the role: she's a good actress, knows how to show emotion and is great with interviewing other people.

I loved being a part of this. I have never been on that side of the table - I've always been the one up front. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to experience this. I had so much fun!

This is the girl that won. The one on the left, just in case you were wondering. :o) Her name is Aneta and she's from Prague.

All in all, it was a great adventure and I can't wait for the new season of Exit 316!!!


  1. Hi Claire,

    I love what you wrote about being able to look at this experience from a different angle. That's where growth comes from when we can step into a process from a different point of view. Cool for you!

    I alway love hearing about what happens in your life. I can't help but be reminded once again that just in case people think that missionary kids are deprived in any way of rich experiences, you prove right here once again that being a missionary kid means you get to be involved in all kinds of amazing things!!!!

    Love you, Michelle

  2. Hey, cool to hear about your visit to tv show making! oh, and in case you ever wonder, yep, I like you!

  3. Hi Claire!

    That really was fun to be at the auditions...I'm glad we could sit in the back together drinking our waters, snacking on chips, pretzels and cookies, making our comments to each other! I liked doing that with you - it was fun!

    You did a great job writing this blog entry, by the way!

    Love, mom

  4. Hi Claire,

    Is there a chance that you will get a bigger role in this year's 316? As an actress I think you would be great to play a big role this year. Since you know the writers maybe you could drop a big hint to write you into the script.

    Uncle Mike

  5. Sounds like a fun day. Maybe you'll be in a play someday and have an advantage during the casting stage of things. Glad you like the girl they picked. I know you'll enjoy seeing her in the new shows
    Andrea Pitcher


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