Monday, July 23, 2007

Tyler's Birthday

Last Friday, the 20th of July was Tyler's 17th birthday.

Tyler really wanted to go and see Harry Potter and the Order Of the Phoenix so my mom tracked down a theater in Brno playing it in English. Although it was hard to find, it was totally w
orth it; the movie was awesome! Even though I thought I wasn't really a Harry Potter fan, (Which now I sort of am!:o)) I really enjoyed the story.

For dinner we went to a Mexican restaurant in Frydek-Mistek named "La Bodega". There we gave out presents, talked and just celebrated Tyler. His main present from my dad, mom and Grandma and Bapa, was a laptop!! They really surprised him with it, he totally didn't expect it.

On the 21st, as you all kn
ow, the LAST Harry Potter book came out! So we rushed out to go see if they had it in an Ostrava book store and....they did!! My Dad and Caleb have been trading off reading it, Tyler is waiting for the American version being sent to him by my Grandma and Bapa. And me, well....I'm just now reading the second one. :o)

That's pretty much what's been happening around here, I'll keep you updated!


  1. Hi Claire....

    I just realized that your blog is written in pink/maroon ink. That is sooo cool! It totally fits you! :o)

    It sounds like you and your mom are Harry Potter fans now. I'm still on the outsides with HP, so I'll have to hear about it from you both.

    I see on your favorite places list that two places in Greece made the list. You'll have to tell me what you like about each one so that I have more ideas for later on....

    Love you, "Aunt" Michelle

  2. You need another comment on here!

    I really like your blog - you're doing a great job on it. Keep it up! Maybe you would like to make your next post about our doggy visitor right now...we have some awesome pictures for you to post! Hee hee!

    Love, Mom

  3. Hi Claire,

    I'm so glad that you are writing about your experiences this summer. Do you have any more big plans for the rest of the summer break?

    I would love to be there to hang out with you and the boys this summer (and Lily too!).

    Have fun!!!
    Uncle Mike


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