Thursday, December 18, 2014


This week was a very unusual finals week. I recall last year being surrounded by study groups, and lots of final events and get togethers with friends. I spent quite a bit of time studying, but I also did homework with buddies, and spent most of my time outside of my room, because that's where I focused better.

This year, however, I was literally in my room from morning 'til evening from Thursday night until yesterday. Since I got the flu, I needed to rest, as well as stay contained so I wouldn't get anyone else sick. Czech doctors definitely taught me that! "Stay home. You'll feel better and so will everyone else," they would say (or something of the sort). Cooped up in my room, I would trade off from reading or writing in bed or in my fold-up camping chair. It was quite the "introvert" week. But it was also simple and focused. God knew.

I missed my friends during the week, though they were so kind in helping me with whatever I needed (=food and medicine!). The only times I ventured into the great big world were to go to the library. I had to go once while I was sick, and then once today, with renewed strength (and a cough), to finish up a big paper due tomorrow for one of my classes.

I can now say (very happily) that my paper is done, printed out, stapled, and handed in - all 12 single-spaced pages! This Hermeneutics class (Bible studying methods) has challenged me and pushed me, but in a really good way. I needed this solid base, since I knew (and still feel like I know) so little about the subject. Maybe to upperclassman this still seems like a basic course, but all that we learned is so valuable to me. This will be the foundation upon which I build, thanks to my professor, who was so wise and practical at the same time. Although the class was hard, it was one of my favorites.

After I turned that paper in, and finished my last worksheet for that same class later today (Hermeneutics).... I'm DONE with my third semester at Moody!!!!

Each semester goes by faster than the last, and each semester I learn more than the last. From what I've heard, things get harder, but better here, and I look forward to that. So far so good! Keep pressing forward.

But before I continue to press forward, it is time to rest. Well, first I have to pack. Then I need to check in to the airport. And then I will rest as I settle into the airplane seat.

Ah, home. Here I come. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sprite and Airplanes

I realized today when someone brought me a boxed lunch from the cafeteria, along with some Sprite, that I don't think I've had pop this whole semester. Or at least I can't remember when I had it!

What's funny is that when I was younger, pop was the "thing" on visits to the States. Rootbeer and Dr. Pepper and other special drinks that could only be found in the States were fun treats as we visited for a few weeks. And now that I'm living here, I don't even think about them.

I took the first sip of my Sprite (which was actually a normal pop in Czech...we used to drink it when we were sick), and a phrase instantly came to mind...

"You know you're a missionary kid if..."

...Sprite with ice reminds you of airplanes.

In Czech it's not always normal to have ice in drinks. They might serve your drink with ice at a restaurant, but otherwise, hardly ever. I thought this was normal for a long time, even though we visited the States every few years. It wasn't until I was a teenager that I realized ice was a necessity in the States.

And yet, somehow, ice in drinks makes me think more of airplanes than of visiting the U.S. Why? Maybe it's because I always asked for Sprite on planes. Or because they fill the cup mostly with ice and top it off with a little pop. Or maybe the memory just stuck in my mind more because flying was always exciting to me.

All the same, it was a sweet surprise (no pun intended) to find ice in my Sprite today and be reminded of airplanes, traveling and childhood.

Thank you for your prayers!! My fever broke last night and it hasn't come back. I still have a cough and am recovering (being sick takes a toll, doesn't it?), but things are so much better even from yesterday. I'm continuing to rest today, as well as working away at studying for finals... albeit in bed. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

In His Control

These past couple of days have been unlike any I've had at Moody before. Never have I spent my entire day in bed!

I caught some type of flu/cold/virus on Thursday and have had a consistent fever ranging between 101 and 102F since. I definitely didn't expect that to come on the weekend before finals! I slept most of Friday (literally), just taking the day off from homework. I did a bit of work today after taking some DayQuil but it has still been hard to focus.

I have finals coming up next week. With an exam on Monday, an even bigger exam on Wednesday, and two papers due on Thursday, it seems like a lot right now. I'm having to take it a bit more slowly these days than I expected. It's less of "push-hard-til'-the-end" and more "one-step-at-a-time" before finals now. It's humbling, yes. To realize that I have limitations and can't control all my circumstances is probably not a bad thing, if I'm keeping the big picture in mind.

My roommate and friends on the floor have been so sweet and willing to help out with anything this weekend. A dorm may not be the best place to be when you're sick, but it's good to be surrounded by people who do care. I'm mostly staying confined to by room so that I don't get anyone else sick and to force myself to rest. There are times when it's not right to just keep going. There is a time for rest, even when that time was least expected.

Would you pray for all of us Moody students this week with finals? I know I'm not the only one with unexpected twists and turns to the week.

Most importantly, I want what I do this week to be honoring to the Lord. That means I will do my best, but also trust in His sovereign timing for everything.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Finals Week: Here I Come

Last class of the semester: check! 

Does this mean I'm done? Nope! I still have two papers and two finals coming up next week. Deep breaths. Soon it will all be done and all I'll have to think about is what to pack for going home!

I'm feeling somewhat under the weather today, so would you pray that this doesn't turn into the flu or anything of the sorts? It would be hard if I was sick this next week with all that still has to get done. But I'm trusting the Lord's timing with all of this. And who knows, maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and feel fine after a good night's sleep?

Although there's still a lot to do, I am realizing how much I have been and still am learning this semester. What a gift it is to get to study here, even when it's hard! 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sights and Lights

Finals week is fast approaching. The end is in sight!

Assignments are due, events are still coming up and homework is still being worked on. There's a lot to process and think through during this time as our classes finish up for the semester. It's hard to believe I'm nearing the end of another semester at Moody!

We have a "bro-sis floor" event this past Sunday that was so refreshing - walking outside through Lincoln Park for Zoo Lights. One of the guys on our brother floor took some photos that night, and I just want to remember what fun can be had in the city.

Abraham Lincoln is my floor's mascot - so this picture just had to happen.

As much as big group things can sometimes tire me out (my introverted inclinations), this was just pure enjoyment. I am thankful for the friendships this semester has brought and for the different classes we've all had the opportunity to take.

Now just to finish out well!