Friday, April 21, 2017

A Sister In The Produce Aisle

I have often said that "God meets us where we're at." As I quoted once previously when reading a book about Old Testament theology, "God desires closeness. His goal is intimacy. It always has been."

Well guess what? 

God met me even in the produce aisle, in front of a display of tomatoes to be exact. 

I have been working for a company called Demolicious for about two and a half years now. It's a long story how I got connected to them, but let's just say, the Lord set it up! It was quite "random". Nevertheless, the job has looked different throughout these years.

Sometimes I do food demonstrations on the weekends, and sometimes I'm in Wholefoods or other specialty grocery stores. I have represented lots of different brands and food products, and have learned a lot in the process! It sounds fancy, but essentially I'm the person who gives samples and tells you how great a product is. It's a fairly ordinary in-between job, but it has been helpful these years too.

Yesterday I was demoing local tomatoes, and a kind older woman came up to my table to say hello and try a sample. She asked me if I had tried the Sauerkraut around the corner in the store, to which I replied:

"Ooh, I haven't yet! But I love Sauerkraut! I grew up eating it all the time."

"Do you like the Wisconsin kind, or the German kind?" she asked.

"Well, actually, I guess I could say I'm used to Czech sauerkraut. I grew up in Czech, so that was a normal part of life."

Her face lit up.

"I'm from Germany!" she replied. "Were your parents missionaries?"

I was quite surprised at this point that without any hesitation, she had already guessed my background. I'm not sure if it was the fact that I didn't have an accent speaking English, or that the Spirit was just prompting her to say that, but that began the sweetest conversation.

We talked about where she was from (Stuttgart), where I was born (outside of Heidelberg, Germany!), and my future steps in returning to serve the Lord in the Czech Republic. She even spoke to me in German briefly, and I understood most of what she said (which is a huge surprise since I haven't taken German since 9th grade).

She began tearing up, and asked if she could give me a hug. Then she leaned in and began praying over me, starting with, "Oh, gracious Papa, thank you for this dear sister in Christ, thank you for placing a hedge of protection over her all these years..."

And then soon she had gone, encouraging me more than she'll ever know.

How is it possible that in the produce aisle in Wholefoods, the Lord would reach down to show his presence right there through this German sister in Christ? He knew that on that day I had needed his presence dearly. How good a Father we have, making himself known through his people!

Monday, April 17, 2017

All My Belongings in a Pile

Today was Move-Out/Move-In Day #1. 

Families from my church are generously hosting me in their homes during these next months as I raise support to head back to Czech to join God in his work among the JV Kids. As I have said before, this is a unique time of life. A friend of mine likes to call it the "nomadic life". I'm not sure what to call it, except frequent transition.

It's quite the odd feeling when you realize that all your belongings (at least, all of the ones in the US) can be packed up all at once. It's a bit thrilling too. I fit almost every bin and suitcase, box and pillow, lamp and shoe, into my little Saab (nicknamed "Sylviaaa" - yes, with the drawn out ending, just for the added flair). 

I think if my dad had packed the car, he could have found a spot for that last lonely tub that I couldn't fit in with everything else.  That tub got a special trip in a much more roomy spot on round #2 of moving belongings from one house to another. Lucky storage bin. 

But I was also really grateful that I was able to pack everything up and make a fairly smooth transition to my new "home". Multiple trips back and forth from the car with big and small items really didn't seem too bad on this lovely April day. 

The Lord has given me the ability for mobility in this season, and though that can feel rootless at times, it can also be fun too. 

This is a constant reminder of what it feels like for the JV Kids I'll be serving, who also understand this kind of constant change and a disconnect between "homes" when growing up on mission with their families. This can be both lonely/hard/frustrating and thrilling/new/exciting at the same time. I get that. These are the kids that I will get to do life with once I'm over in Eastern Europe, and I can't wait. 

And God takes the broken pieces of our lives, the messy ones - the ones with suitcases and full cars, and goodbyes and loss and the sense of constant change and not being able to hold onto any thing or place... and makes them something beautiful. He makes them into relationships with my church family, and a precious opportunity to see his name proclaimed among and through the JVK. 

I'll be here at my pastor's family's house until mid-June, tucked into their sweet guest room that has a pretty nifty Murphy Bed (the kind that folds down! Yeah!!). "Thank you for hosting me!!"

Move #1 on my journey here in the western suburbs: check! 

Or should I say..."Czech"?! I mean, I can't resist the opportunity for a Czech pun. ☑️ 

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Take Heart, There's Hope!

On this Easter Sunday, I not only remember the resurrection of Christ, but rejoice in the news being fresh and true today. Jesus still lives! His life and reign are still earth-shattering.

So take heart. You weren't left alone to figure out how to earn your way to right standing before God. Jesus changes everything.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

What Iowa and Kansas Have in Common

What do Iowa and Kansas have in common? 

Incredible people.

Sometimes God arranges connections with people in the most unexpected and wonderful ways. He did that twice this past week. 

I was in Kansas City, MO for a conference (more on that soon!), and I found out at the beginning of the conference that some family friends of ours live in Kansas City, KS. We had met once in Czech about five years ago, and I remember thinking the world of them then. My parents have kept in touch with Kelly and her husband through these past years, but I haven't seen them since that one visit when I was still a senior in high-school. 

I e-mailed Kelly on Monday to see if we could get together, and she offered her home as a place to meet up, but also as a place to share meals, to learn from her wisdom, hear family stories, and to enjoy a beautiful spring evening. 

Actually, on that Wednesday I had had a small mishap with my car. It was all ok in the end, but being met with Kelly's joy and hospitality was better than any other remedy on a tough day. God provides, does he not? 

Reconnecting years down the road with Kelly and her husband was the sweetest surprise. Kelly, thank you for saying yes (even spontaneously) and hosting me with such kindness and thoughtfulness. I am incredibly encouraged by you and your family, and I still think the world of you. 

The other sweet meeting was in Iowa with some new friends that felt like old friends from the very start. I've heard so much about Ben and Avery, and finally got to meet them in person in their sweet home. We shared a meal and talked of all the ways we are surprisingly connected. It all started when Ben's parents and my parents served in Germany together way back when!

Even amidst much change, constant transition, and preparing to move to Czech to serve the JV Kids, I am more and more amazed at the ways God is involved in your stories and in your present times as I talk with you and share journeys. Thank you for telling of his works and for walking in all the many uncertainties together...which also means rejoicing together in the little things.

If I have not met you in person yet, I hope I have the privilege of getting to soon. You know you can always reach me via e-mail ( or Instagram (@clapatty). I really mean it - I love reconnecting with old friends, meeting new ones, and staying in touch with those from all walks of life.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Reflected in Her Eyes

Fridays are one of my favorite parts of the week. Why? Because of this sweet 10-month-old. 

She's tenacious and curious, engaged and constantly learning.

As I sit with her and flip pages of books open and closed, listen to her say "wow!", put tiny pink socks back on, or try and wipe boogers off her face when she refuses to have a tissue go near her, I see the beauty of God's creativity.

When we walk in circles around the house with her clinging to me with one hand, and to her purple plush hippo with the other, I think of what it means to walk with courage. It makes my heart glad.

This is one of the many reasons why I love working with kids - I see our Lord in the reflection of these, the littlest ones.

There's a song that came out last year by Sleeping at Last called "Sight". The artist actually wrote the song briefly after his daughter was born, and it's about seeing God in the beautiful things in the world, and in the eyes of his own kids. There's a specific part in it that just captures the essence of how I glimpse this as well...

without assurance,
without insurance,
you believe.
without condition
or the promise of heaven,
you see the Holy Ghost in broad daylight.
and i see the reflection in your eyes.
i see the reflection in your eyes.

Ah, how beautiful it is that when we receive children, we receive Jesus! No wonder it is so sweet to hold the hand of a 10-month-old as she explores the world.

"And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me." - Matthew 18:5